About me


As a writer and poet, I utter what I feel and scribble what I see in between the lines. Stockholm has made me feel welcome for six years now, having gotten there driven by an intense love for a Swede with different-colored eyes. I recount the story of this change of poles in my self-fiction book. It’s made its way to Sweden, and will be released in November this year by e-galáxia

As for poems, I have been reading them aloud in front of a camera at home, in my backyard or the subway, either my own words or verses I revere. A fan of the page "Um/eitt/en poema nórdico ao dia/norrænt ljóð á dag/nordisk dikt varje dag", I record Luciano Dutra’s translations about the ways by which cold lands reap verses. Edith Södergran, Bodil Malmsten, Yahia Hassan, Tove Ditlevsen, Vónbjørt Vang and Rolf Jacobson are some of the voracious poets from yesterday and today that gave us poems of beauty.

My Youtube channel Poesia by Ilana Eleá is homemade and modest, and only in Portuguese for now – the captions will arrive in time, but please do visit. There are video-poems about the Swede Midsummer; about olive trees in the South of Italy; about breastfeeding a baby girl; about the fear of those who dare not drive; about hovering feelings. 

Monthly, a couple of my poems will be translated to English by Maíra Mendes Galvão: what a pleasure to share them with you during the process, drop after drop. 

A pedagogue, Master and PhD in Education by PUC-Rio, I studied Education Media by the Università Carrolica del Sacro Cuore: for three years I have worked as a science coordinator at The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media here in Sweden. It is a clearinghouse for the diffusion of research on children and media, as well as media and information literacy. It’s an amazing place. Nordicom publishes very interesting books and they are all available on PDF for free download.

For now, I have taken leave from the academic life because literature is reclaiming its space, demanding bonds, time and opportunity. I try, as part of Mulherio das Letras in Europe, as well as other networks, to find comfort in the search.

In addition to the work of prose Ela foi para a Suécia [She went to Sweden] and my poems and video-poems, I have written Caramela da Aquarela [Caramela of the Watercolor], my first children’s book – a book about colors, freedom and the art of being someone’s child. Martha Werneck, a talented Brazilian painter and professor at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, will illustrate it. We are looking for publishers in Brazil and in Sweden, and, for the translation, we found the best there is, Ulla Gabrielsson.

Poetry Village has just been created by me as a space to find poets, translators and verses shining suns, woes and raptures. 

It goes online soon.